• IRI®Filler S600: optimum flow properties and durability. It has been specially developed for the IRI® treatment and therefore guarantees a long-lasting result.
  • Rating of the IRI®Filler S600 from Dermatest® with "very good"
  • 24 mg/ml highly cross-linked and monophasic hyaluronan filler
  • 16 times higher degree of purity than required by law
  • 3.6 times more optimal and lower MoD value compared to commercially available hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Medical study by proDERM® on skin compatibility

IRI Filler S600

The IRI® Filler S600 is tailored to the needs of doctors and patients 

and delivers a natural and voluminous result due to its even and firm structure. 

Due to the BDDE process, the IRI®Filler S600 guarantees long-lasting and satisfactory results. All residues of free BDDE are washed out during the manufacturing process, after stabilization, until they are almost undetectable. This optimal manufacturing process gives the IRI®Filler S600 its excellent biocompatibility.

IRI®Filler S600 contains endotoxin levels below 0.03 EU/mg, minimizing the risk of side effects, although the European guidelines specify a maximum value of 0.5 EU/mg. Thus, IRI®FILLER S600 has a higher purity level than required by law.

IRI®Filler S600 adjusts the pH and osmotic pressure to maximally reduce discomfort during and after treatment.