• Market leader
  • Tried and tested by doctors
  • Co-developed by physicians 
  • Unique patent-pending barrier protection technology 
  • The original: Only the original IRI®PEN system has German scientific reports and studies on penetration depth, distribution patterns and skin compatibility, as well as a legal opinion.
  • IRI®Filler S600: optimum flow properties and durability. It has been specially developed for the IRI® treatment and therefore guarantees a long-lasting result.
  • Rating of the IRI®Filler S600 from Dermatest® with "very good"
  • proDERM's medical study on skin tolerance and safety: clinical results of the study demonstrated that the application does not pose a health hazard
  • Fast processing
  • Training by certified medical product consultants
  • IRI®Expert App - Own landing page, training, information, live chat with the trainers, consulting, updates, online store and online courses
  • IRI® Concept - Everything from one source 
  • Time-saving: Can also be used by medical personnel after instruction 
  • Suitable for needle phobics
  • Needlestick injuries are excluded
  • In contrast to the classical injection, you get natural results; wide area distribution
  • Low pain
  • Quantity adjustable
  • Aesthetic, clear design
  • Autoclavable 
  • CE-certification as medical device

IRI Application System

The IRI® Application System developed and patented by YAVU GmbH allows for the first time a medically tested and evidence-based method for needle-free filler treatment. In contrast to conventional and common filler treatment using syringes and cannulas, this method is primarily an alternative for patients with needle phobia.

Thanks to the latest innovations and a patented, needle-free application system, a filler treatment today can be carried out almost painlessly and above all without needles and cannulas. 

The phobia of needles is a widespread problem in medicine. It can result in a significant limitation of a patient's ability to be treated: potential patients forego a filler treatment for fear of a needle stick.

The IRI® Application System uses an integrated spring to release a mechanically driven spring force that releases the filler from a hair-thin micro-opening in a fraction of a second. The filler is inserted through a minimal canal, which closes again immediately after application. It is a pressure-operated liquid jet, which is even thinner than a fine injection cannula.

Tissue damage at the application site is excluded and is proven by a medical study conducted by proDERM on skin compatibility and safety. The clinical results of the study demonstrated that there is no health risk from the application.

Since cannulas and needles are not used, the surrounding skin is not injured. 

We would like to point out that the IRI® Application System is a modern, patented system which corresponds to the latest technological and medical standards.