• Effectiveness proven by medical studies
  • Cold plasma is suitable for a variety of applications
  • No more drug administration necessary, alternative to subcutaneously administered antibiotics or percutaneously applied disinfectants
  • Visible successes
  • Painless
  • Wound healing: chronic wounds, eczema, skin rhagades
  • Anti-Aging
  • Antibacterial, effective against skin fungus, viruses and bacteria: herpes simplex and mycoses
  • Pain treatment: against inflammation; Ulcus cruris
  • Purifying
  • No side effects
  • Medicine class | according to EU directive

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Cold plasma has been medically researched and proven by efficacy studies in dermatology for years.

Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter and is a partially ionized gas, which due to its electrical conductivity has special properties that can be used medically. The most important active components of plasma are reactive nitrogen and oxygen species, UV radiation and electric fields. The electrical energy is passed through an applicator to charge the air particles between the skin surface and the applicator at normal room temperature without the need for direct heat. These charged particles provide a number of visible benefits to the skin.

Cold plasma stimulates the treated tissue with cold atmospheric plasma, the cell membranes become more permeable to active ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin. At the same time, the metabolism and blood circulation in the tissue is significantly increased and stimulates detoxification.

The mechanisms of action increase the activity of the fibroblasts and stimulate collagen and elastin production, thus providing an excellent anti-aging effect.

As the Cold Plasma has been proven to reduce germs by 99.9%, it is also an alternative to subcutaneously administered antibiotics or percutaneously used disinfectants.

Demonstrably and by studies occupied bacteria, mushrooms and viruses are reduced by nearly 99.9%, thus an ideal treatment for skin problems such as acne, Couperose and Rosacea. The Cold Plasma technology eliminates bacteria without damaging human tissue and thus accelerates the wound healing process.

According to current research, Cold plasma has no side effects and causes no pain after the treatment. The excellent electromagnetic compatibility favors the manifold use in medical practices and clinics.

Safe and easy handling!
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